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Luiz "Q" Quintela

I adopted Scrum in early 2006 and I was personally trained by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the creator of Scrum and the inventor of Scrum@Scale and co-trained with him. I am the co-author of Scrum Done Right, the first Scrum@Scale book. I am an international speaker on Agile and Software Engineering practices with years of experience in multiple industries, including healthcare, financial services, banking, insurance, oil and gas, chemicals, government and, energy. I was a developer, architect, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Coach and Advisor in companies with thousands of employees in multiple countries. I held positions of leadership including establishing and being responsible for the operation of an overseas subsidiary. I also led projects in virtualization, product development, Cloud, DevOps, and Scrum scaled, and I delivered cost effective and innovative solutions throughout my career.

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